// Cycles


Runde Welt 2021//2022


Digitale Zukunft//2018//2019//2020

The story of mankind is a story of making progress.


thought process _2017

Laugh is a weapon of thinking.


Us _2016

The world as we experience it with our senses is the only real world. Another transcendental world does not exist. -Nietzsche-


Semiotical Thoughts _2016

"The world, as we imagine it, is the result of interpretations" (Umberto Eco)


Thought Journey _ 2011 // 2015

The painter is concerned with core questions relating to pure existence.


Nico _ 2010 // 2002


born to be _ 2010

Doubt is unable any longer to rescue itself in the security of an idea


New York _ 2008

The city of possibilities


Buchobjekte _ 2006

Particularly today it is the desire of art to show what cannot be defined in words


Walter Benjamin _ 2005

„All everyone forgets that they themselves are at the place where spirit develops“

W. Benjamin


Befindlichkeiten _ 2004

In the cosy home of his chamber of consciousness



Kathedrale _ 2003

The feeling of the world as a bounded whole is the mystical



Identität _ 2000

Truth is as unattainable as a mist-enveloped mountaintop.



Maske _ 1998

Every interpretation is a part of the picture


Cogito ergo sum - Neue Heilige _ 1997

Approximation to a sense


Neue Stilleben _ 1995

The true search focuses on life and existence The medium used for this is merely a tool.

Bill Viola


Socke und Seele _ 1993

Reserve of the unspoken

H. Domin


Portraits - Seelensuche _ 1990

My love of the things I do not know.


Körpersprache _ 1989

We sleep on the soft pillows of uncertainty.